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Bluebird has presented a unique opportunity for a development centred around high end design to promote user health and well-being, which has fully embodied HARP’s core philosophies.  What sets Bluebird apart in the homelessness sector is its delivery of truly high-quality and aspirational yet affordable accommodation.

There is currently a chronic lack of affordable and suitable accommodation for people on lower incomes in Southend-on-Sea, together with increasing economic difficulties for those in accommodation to maintain and retain their tenancy, resulting in many instances of homelessness.

In 2021/22, 134 people were turned away from HARP’s services a total of 743 times through lack of available accommodation.

Bluebird aspires to deliver much needed supported accommodation for HARP’s clients to bridge that gap and has resulted in HARP increasing their overall occupancy in the local area by almost 15% from 229 bed spaces to 264.

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