Forming part of the Coastal Road, Leigh Hill runs through the heart of Leigh and the Leigh Conservation Area.  22-34, a pair of vacant terraced had been out of use and uninhabited for over a decade.  The building had also become an eyesore with the potential of being demolished due to their decaying condition.

We were contacted to explore what opportunities the site had, and if the refurbishment, remodelling was a possibility.   Any proposal for re-use had to be mindful of the sensitivities of the conservation area and challenge of retaining as much of the dilapidated buildings as practical.

The project involved a complete retrofit and repair of the Victorian Villas with small additions to the roof form and opening up of the south elevations to maximise upon the unique setting and the outlook across the Thames Estuary.

The building/thermal envelope was upgraded to save energy, use heat losses as gains and the internal fabric and detailed installed to create a series of new family homes repairing the valuable townscape and heritage of Leigh Conservation Area.

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