Following on from our well received project at Kiosk 9, The Leas Shelter was advertised and marketed as an opportunity to meet the aspirations of the Council to sympathetically renovate the existing shelter within the Leas Conservation Area.

A key element of both the client and landlord (Local Authority) brief and resulting design approach was to ensure that the symmetry and simplicity of any intervention was contextually respectful and responsive to the architecture and fabric of the existing heritage structure and surrounding conservation area.

The external and internal brickwork was carefully repaired, cleaned and repointed and together with the repair of the original framed windows which were also re-glazed.  Our proposals included very small interventions in the form of entrance lobbies and a sunken ventilation system into the Cliff’s slope to allow for adequate servicing of the kitchen.  

The introduction of a new internal fabric included polished concrete floors, complete mechanical and electrical servicing, purpose built furniture to provide over 60 internal covers, toilets and a commercial kitchen with servery and bar area.

The external space has also been activated with parasols and seating within a south facing landscape to form a vibrant destination and re-use of the long neglected and unused shelter.

The 1920’s brick-built kiosk represented a number of challenges given its radial length of 42 metres and internal width of 2.8 metres.  To make the space work we needed to include internal seating, a kitchen including modern servicing requirements, without extending into the open space at the front, all of which involved some detailed design, consideration and careful furniture design to ensure the space was usable and commercially sustainable.

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